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For their upcoming exhibition, Platform LDN asked creatives to submit a piece/s of work based on the theme of 'Connectivity'. Below is my submission for the project, along with a short paragraph about it:

The purpose of this piece is to share an element of our culture, our roots, and in this project, our indigenous culture and origin. These photos were taken as a way of highlighting the physical connection between the Latin American diaspora here and back home. How despite our distance from the motherland, la Madre Tierra, "Pachamama", we remain connected to the traditions passed down by our ancestors, through woven fabrics, through nature, through life. To me, connectivity means unity, to unite, as a community, to reconnect with our roots, our origin, especially after the European colonizers tried to do the opposite; divide us, erase us, our presence, our ancestors, our people. To support each other, to share, collaborate together and create something meaningful, purposeful, and hopefully inspiring for others.'

Shot on Portra 400.
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